Update on federal vaccine mandate

December 7, 2021

Earlier today, Baylor University learned that a U.S. federal judge in Georgia issued a nationwide injunction against the Biden Administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal contractors, which had included the University. In light of this ruling, Baylor University is no longer legally compelled to require that its employees be vaccinated and will not be requiring its employees to be vaccinated at this time. The University’s guidance that was communicated to campus on Nov. 22 no longer applies. 

Although vaccination will no longer be required of Baylor employees, you can find information about COVID-19 testing and vaccine availability on campus at www.baylor.edu/vaccine.

Please note that just as there continues to be uncertainty with COVID-19, the legal environment regarding the pandemic remains fluid as well. The University continues to monitor both closely and will provide updates to the campus as necessary.

Baylor University